Saturday, December 25, 2010

Obligatory Xmas post

I have to post something on Christmas, not because I pray to a masochistic zombie who was a pretty good Jewish boy in his day, but because it is rich with material begging for me to make fun of. Whether you believe in Jesus, Santa, Allah, Sheeba, God, Faeries, or Michael Jackson's innocence, this post is for you.

Hope your holidays are at least quasi-merry, that no one in your family stabs someone with the turkey knife, that no burglers posing as fat men in red suits broke into your house last night, and that a dog doesn't piss on you for being so god damned happy it's Christmas. Oh, and may the gods bless you if you're broke enough to have to have THAT job for the holidays.

Special thanks to James and Sam


  1. and why's he gotta be black and wearin' timberlands?

  2. First of all, it's mentally challenged, not retarded. That's just effin rude. Secondly, the dude's black because I haven't had any black characters and I figured if anyone was to represent the sad truth of society pissing on someone just for saying Merry Christmas, it would be the black man. Finally, those aren't Timberlands, fool. They're snowboots! Sheesh. Keep it comin' claudegirl! We shall make merriment you and I.

  3. Not sure why we are being thanked for this post besides being christian but I like being part of your blog

  4. @Sam: The conversation we had about how it feels as a Jew to be told Merry Christmas was the starting point for this post. Plus why not thank a couple badasses?