Sunday, January 2, 2011

Naked Lady Running!

I knew there was a reason I never deleted my MySpace account. This blog post from Jun 19, 2006 is THAT reason. Enjoy.

I did something completely embarrassing this weekend, but it's so funny that I must share.

I went camping with 3 lesbians and a male double agent this weekend at Lake Stubblefield outside of New Waverly,TX. We arrived after dark around 9 or 10. At some point I was told how sexy I would look with a plaid skirt on so I preceded to wrap a plaid flannel around my waist and strut my stuff.

Once my bare ass came into the picture I was prompted to strip (which I humbly declined). The draft was getting to me so I decided to go to the car to change into my shorts. Upon my arrival, the thought occurred to me that it would be funny and attention getting (getting attention is great, even if I lose my dignity) if I streaked across the campground. The flashlight went off with the clothes so there would be an element of surprise.

I took off full force yelling "NAKED LADY RUNNING" and met the culprit of my demise. As quickly as I had taken off, my naked lady leg slammed into a stump, rocketing my naked lady body through the dark and ending with a thud-roll-thud-oww-fuck-turn off the flashlights-this is embarrassing, and followed of course with a barrage of hysterical laughter.


If you want to run naked through a campsite in the dark, map out your route beforehand (or at least use a flashlight)!